A start

Hello! I am Alikchi, and this is a blog about EVE. And maybe some other things.

I have been playing and reading about this game for a few years now. My first character was created in early 2009, although I was just dabbling, really. I stuck my toe in after reading This Gaming Life by Jim Rossignol. Typical EVE newbie story: I got bored after a few months of playing with my roommate – trained into a Hulk, heh – and dropped it.

About a year and a half ago I came back as a member of GoonWaffe and had a dramatically different experience. Being part of a like-minded group made this game fun – but that had more to do with the amazing community built around GSF than the game itself. I was showing up for the big wars and the fleet battles, but not necessarily logging in on my own time or for my own reasons. I posted and talked on jabber and shot POS.

This past month, EVE has finally engaged me completely. I am Logging In and Doing Stuff. Every day. Consequently, my partially-formed opinions and observations about EVE and its inhabitants have grown into big annoying boils of thought that can’t be crammed into 140 characters.

So what will I be posting? Mostly EVE-related stuff, but I will spiral off into other games and media occasionally. Maybe even important, non-entertainment things. Probably nothing overly personal, but you never know. 

As far as EVE goes, I am no expert or old pro. My best character has 24m skillpoints and I lose ships regularly. I kill shit, too – but I’m no ELITE PVP killboard fetishist. I don’t play the markets much. I don’t rat unless I have to (sec status!). I don’t manufacture and I very rarely mine. What I do is suicide ganking, wartarget hunting, and regular 0.0 fleet warfare. Expect some posts about these things.

What I especially intend, though, is to spend some time talking about the culture of EVE and its denizens. Why do some groups so completely misinterpret the motivations of others? Why are many players beginning to equate in-game behavior with real-life morality? What is culture in terms of EVE and the broader gaming community, anyways? How about the gender, race & sexuality issues? This is the sort of shit I will be digging into. Hopefully it will be illuminating.

I am going to try and take this .. well, not entirely seriously, but I will do my best to be reasonable. At the very least, I’m not going to force you to read words like ‘ePeen’ and ‘iskies’ and ‘lol’ and ‘Fluttershy’. Maybe an ironic ‘o7 m8’ every once in a while.

I’ll probably update every few days or so (although not on weekends). This blog will occasionally be used to simply vent about the game or its community. I could go completely off the rails and ramble about politics or whatever! That’s OK – I will strive to be at least a little entertaining regardless.


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