I think the biggest issue here is that we’re trying to solve different issues. I’m trying to bring the merc trade back into EVE and you’re trying to add some measure of fairness into wars, which isn’t really a design philosophy in EVE.

Why would I want to balance a fight? That’s never really been the goal in EVE and the war dec system wasn’t built for that either. I understand that it’s annoying when a big alliance war decs you, but that’s hardly new to EVE. Big alliances get annoyed with bigger coalitions outnumber them and so on. That’s a fact of life in EVE and we’re not likely to change that direction anytime soon. The other thing is that war dec prices are determined by the value you get from them. If you want to go to war with someone, a higher number of potential targets should be more expensive. If you’re a smaller alliance, this makes you a less attractive target, unless you’ve made someone angry in which case you’re responsible for any social repercussions you’ve created.

CCP Soundwave, 12 June 2012, EVE Forums.


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