The big time

I haven’t been writing here much. My original excuse was that the big piece I wrote about the Delve war was outdated almost as soon as I drafted it. Then it was finals and I didn’t have time, then it was Inferno 1.2 and I had to kill as many exhumers as possible before the patch hit.

Now I have a good excuse: I have been pulled into the conglomeration of nerds that is The Mittani dot com.

I’ll be writing news and feature type stuff over there (assuming I don’t get fired). Bloggy, less serious & newsworthy things will remain here when I feel like pushing them out.

Want to know what I’ve been doing post-Exhumer buff? I can’t really say, but I can link to these three killmails and say that Etienne Rossignol is an alt of mine. Later!


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